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    " Here is an extraordinary piece of work, prepared with precision and mastery by the excellent guitarist and composer, Jean-Pierre Grau.

    This volume of virtuoso instrumental technique for guitar creates a well thought out journey of rare precision. It comes as an absolute reference; a condensation of the past, as well as a projection into the future. 


    Specific examples will facilitate learning and growth for students in the clearest and most essential manner. Jean-Pierre Grau presents to the world of guitarists their fundamental and essential bible."


Daniel Tosi


Director of National Conservatory of Perpignan-Méditerranée

First prize of ROME of composition

Former inspector of music

Prize Georges ENESCO


" A lesson of intelligence and musical sensitivity "


Eric Kirchhoff

Berlin Opera First flute

" The Master Leo Brouwer loves the 5 prelude studies who you sent him and dedicated to him. "


Leo Brouwer

Guitarist and Composer

Publication :

                           2 pieces for guitar and flute or violin

                                Ed. L'empreinte mélodique


                            Reflets for guitar and flute or violin

                                Ed. L'empreinte mélodique



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