Jean-Pierre GRAU



   Graduate of the École Normale de Musique in Paris, Jean-Pierre Grau also received a national conservatory gold medal. He is active as both a composer (Editions Combre, Lemoine...) and concert artist with Eric Kirchhoff, principal flute with the Berlin opera (Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, Spain, Germany...).


   He was awarded a State Diploma and Certificate of Aptitude (teaching certificate) in classical guitar, and is currently tenured professor at the Conservatory in Perpignan (France).


   Studying composition and electronic music with Denis Dufour, professor at the National Regional Conservatory in Perpignan, lead him to write for his instrument, and especially pedagogical works for his students.


   He is particularly interested in the different facets of musical expression, as shown by his educational compositions that explore flamenco, blues, contemporary music, etc., for soloist or ensemble as well as computer assisted composition (Incantations, Editions Delatour).