Editions Henry Lemoine

Reaching Toward Virtuosity for Guitar


Halloween - for solo guitar and duo


Edition L'empreinte mélodique

Reflets for guitar and flute or violin

Una noche en Sevilla - for solo guitar



Opus mosaicum - for solo guitar



Editions Combre

Clair de Terre - Vol.1 - guitar and melodic instrument



Clair de Terre Vol.2 - guitar and melodic instrument


Seven Spanish pieces for 3 guitares or guitar orchestra


Voyages en mini-Blues Vol.1 for solo guitar

Voyages en mini-Blues Vol.2 for 2 guitars

Voyages en mini-Blues Vol.3 for 3 guitars


Paysages Catalans for 3 et 4 guitars


Editions Delatour

7 Catalan Songs for 3 guitars


Start your guitar Vol.1



Start your guitar Vol.2



To continue the guitar Vol.3



To continue the guitar Vol.4



4 Azulejos for solo guitar


Fairy Tales for 3 or 4 guitars

Editions Billaudot

6 Haïkus for solo guitar

7 varied preludes for solo guitar

Prélude, tarentelle and habanera for solo guitar


Mouvances for solo guitar


More Blues for 1, 2, 3 guitars



Editions d'Oz

After Midnight for 3 et 4 guitars



The Wonderful Garden for 4 guitars



Stopovers in Trio Vol.1 for 3 guitars


Stopovers in Trio Vol.2 for 3 guitars


Editions Sempre Più

5 Prelude-Studies in Campanella

for solo guitar